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Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Covid 19 - Impact on Sports Premium Funding Spend.  



Due to the significant financial pressure caused by Covid-19 and the ongoing inactivity of our swimming pool for both our own families and wider the community, after discussion with Active Essex, the school intends to divert unspent Sports Premium funding into ensuring our pool doesn’t close. 


These costs involves running the plant room, its material upkeep and staffing costs.  Unfortunately, we are unable to furlough any school staff, even though the pool is run as a self-sustaining ‘business’. 


Currently, we forecast being able to contribute the following Sports Funding balances to the pool budget at year’s end:


  • QIS – Total Sports Funding £17,196 – remaining balance £8,944
  • QJS – Total Sports Funding £18,610 – remaining balance £6,487


We will update the Sports Premium Funding Impact documents below, in the summer term, once we know when pupils will return and how much competitive sport, if any, we can run/partake in.


We must keep our pool open; it is an incredible resource.  Our pupils’ swimming progress and attainment is exceptional, as you can see from our last set of swimming data, from Autumn 2019.