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Pupils with allergens

Pupils with allergies - please read

Nut allergies


While Quilters Junior and Infant Schools endeavour to be 'nut free' ('a nut free site') and while we are fully complicit with every procedure and guideline, we cannot control all aspects of nuts/contamination of nuts coming into schools (including staff/children hand washing, have they eaten or prepared nuts prior to entering the school).


We have a nut free policy at Quilters Infants and Juniors, which means that the school community are aware that pupil lunch boxes, snacks and any items on the school menu are not to be made with nuts, however, the school cannot make any guarantees. Manufacturers add the statement “may contain traces of nuts” as the site that the goods are processed through may have nut products contained within and therefore use this statement to protect themselves and sensitive consumers.


However this does not mean that the product being purchased contains nuts unless specifically stated on the ingredients list. To protect themselves, manufacturers are adding this statement to almost all of their products and the advice we have received from Essex School Meals, as a catering provider, is that we should inform parents/carers that the product will be classed as safe to use as 'nut free' – as far as we can guarantee.


As a Junior and Infant School we endeavour to be 'nut free' but we cannot guarantee that we are, as there are no absolute controls for any restaurant, cafe or caterer. Should your child have a nut allergy and should you have any concerns please contact the school of your child and they will arrange for the Kitchen Manager to contact you, as has always been our policy. Good communication is key.