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Admissions 2023 - Pupil Information 


Information required by the school


  • Identity information to be sent via email - deadline 26th May 2023 for September intake

    Proof of residence and Pupil Identity as detailed in our email

  • Forms to be completed online - deadline 26th May 2023 for September intake

    Please click on the following 6 form links to submit your information to the school for each pupil.
    Note: the information will only be sent once the SUBMIT button is clicked at the end of each form.


Please CLICK HERE to see if you qualify for Pupil Premium Grant & Free School Meals before completing these forms.

  1. Confidential Pupil Record 

  2. Pre-school/Nursery Sessions

  3. Dietary Information (Even if your child has no allergies, you will still need to complete this form)
  4. Photography Consent 
  5. Parental Communication Consent
  6. Swimming Experience  (please read Swimming Health and Safety information below

Important Information

Please find below links to our main School Policies which you should familiarise yourself with:

A Full list of Policies can be found from our Key Information Page


Additional Information and Links for new parents