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Phonics and Reading


At Quilters Infant School, phonics is taught through a range of whole class, small group and individual activities.  Children are encouraged to use their increasing phonic knowledge in shared, guided and independent reading and writing across the curriculum.  


We follow the phonics teaching programme 'Letters and Sounds', enriched songs and images from the Jolly Phonics programme for aural and visual stimuli.  


A selection of colour banded reading books from popular reading schemes is available in all classrooms, providing children with opportunities to practise their phonic knowledge and recognition of common exception words.  All bandings are directly related to the phonics a pupil is learning and has mastered.  Pupils are given books to read to their families at home that match the phonics they are learning in school to further embed learning. 


Children also select unbanded books to share with a parent or carer from and range of genres to broaden their reading experiences and develop their love of reading.  


What Letters and Sounds are taught when?


Speaking and Listening are the foundations for reading and writing and these skills are key to the first and ongoing phase of the 'Letters and Sounds' programme.


Phase Two and Three are covered in Foundation Stage, with Phase Four being introduced to children as appropriate.


In Year One, Phase Four in introduced or briefly recapped and children work through Phase Five, during which they learn alternative graphemes.


In Year Two, Phase Five may be revisited and Phase Six is introduced.


Phases are adapted as necessary to ensure statutory National Coverage for all.



For more information about the curriculum please contact the school office and ask for Mrs Thompson, the Infant School Deputy Head Teacher.